Template Blaine County Sheriff's Office Application Format

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Feb 27, 2019

Hello applicants. If you would like to apply to become a Deputy within the Sheriff's Office, then please fill out the format below. Please note that any application which lacks effort, is disrespectful, or is copied will be discarded. If your application gets accepted, please join the Discord and notify an Admin. If it gets declined then you must wait 2 days to re-apply.
If you are someone who constantly messes around; your chances of being selected decreases by 50%.

Copy and paste the format below and create a new post with the format filled out titled (Your Name) Sheriff Application


Date of Birth:

Country & Timezone:

Why should we hire you for the Sheriff's Department?: (50 words, minimum)

What can you offer?: (50 words, minimum)

How active are you?:

Do you have any previous police experience?:

How well do you work with others?:

As an officer, you will be required to dedicate your time to patrolling the streets. With that in mind, do you still wish to apply?: [Yes/No]

Are you currently active within another roleplay clan/community?: [Yes/No]
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