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Ryan D.

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Civilian Administration
Feb 27, 2019
Hey Applicants, do you want to join the Civilian Operations here at West Coast Responders? Fill out the template below by copying and pasting it into a new thread titled: "[Your Name] Civilian Operations application". Once finished please contact one of the civilian HOD members on discord. Thank you for your interest in Civilian Operations.

Please Note: Applications with minimal to no effort put into them will have a lesser chance of being accepted. Please put as much effort into the application as Possible. Lying on this application may result in automatic denial.

1. Name

2. Date Of Birth

3. Country and Timezone

4. Why did you choose the Civilian Operations?

5. What can you offer the Civilian Operations?

6. How did you find out about West Coast Responders?

7. How many days a week can you dedicate to West Coast Responders?

8. Have you been in any other roleplay communities? If so name a few.

9. If you get pulled over for running a stop sign, should you engage in a pursuit?
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