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Feb 27, 2019
West Coast Responders Community,

Welcome to our new website! I'm very happy with the turnout of the website and would just like to give you a brief overview of the categories and what they store on our forums list.
If you have not yet signed up on our website and are reading this message, ensure your name matches our name structure so that we can give you the proper tags. If you are a new member, what are you waiting for? Hit the Applications section!

Guide Through Website:
Please note that this is only up to date as of 03/04/2019

  1. Community
    • Announcements
      • Main server announcements will be posted here. Ensure you are in our Discord always too.
    • Suggestions
      • You may post any suggestions you have here for the website. Join our Discord for script suggestions!
    • Server Links
      • View the main links in the server.
  2. Applications
    • Blaine County Sheriff's Office Applications
      • Apply to the Blaine County Sheriff's Office today.
    • San Andreas Highway Patrol Applications
      • Apply to the San Andreas Highway Patrol today.
    • Civilian Operations Applications
      • Apply to the Civilian Operations today.
    • San Andreas Fire/Rescue Applications
      • Apply to the San Andreas Fire/Rescue Squad today.
    • If you wish to become a Dispatcher, please speak to your CoC about Reserve certifications. If you wish to strictly be a dispatcher, see a WCR Staff Member
  3. Administration
    • Dual Clanning Submission
      • If you are dual clanning, please submit the proper form here.
    • Leave of Absence Submission
      • Need to go on an LOA? You can submit one here. If you need a lot of time, please contact HoD.
    • Staff Application
      • Age Exemption Request
        • If you are under the age of 15 and would like to apply, you may submit an age exemption request. This does not guarantee that you can apply for staff.
      • Your Accepted & Decline Applications
        • If your application gets accepted or declined, it will be in one of the spots here.
      • Staff Application Template
        • Threads below this are your No Response/Pending Applications.
    • Ban Appeal
      • If you were banned fairly or unfairly and believe you deserve another chance, appeal here.
    • Report a Member
      • If you have issues with other members, you can report them here.
If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our website, please head over to the Suggestions forum under Community!

Jake L.
Community Co-Owner
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